Want to lead a healthy lifestyle and have good oral health?


Digital History

Identify Oral Care portal captures records of your dental treatment every time you walk into a clinic. Starting from selecting a clinic, appointment taking, reminders for appointment as well as medicine intake, treatment history records, follow ups etc. everything is captured and monitored digitally by our portal.

24×7 helpline

Our customer care is always there to assist you in case of any help needed. Online we are available 24×7 and our toll free helpline is open from 8am to 8pm on all working days.

Treatment Services

Our treatment services include all dental procedures that are carried out in clinics. These include:

  • Orthodontic Treatments (Fixed, Removable, Myo-functional etc)
  • Oral / Dental Surgical Procedures (Day Care Surgeries)
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  • Endodontic Procedures (RCT, Fillings and all)
  • Prosthodontics (Crown, Bridge, Denture- fixed and removable, Implants)
  • Periodontal Procedures (Scaling & Polishing, Minor Surgeries, Bleaching etc.)
  • Pedodontic treatment
  • Other Oral / Dental related services

Oral Awareness Camps

At Identify Oral Care we understand our responsibility towards society. We conduct free dental / oral checkup camps at schools, villages, towns and offer free services to every extent possible on field. Through these activities we make attempts to educate people on importance of good oral health.

Corporate Camps

Dental cavities and poor oral hygiene being a mass problem, irrespective of social status, we conduct oral awareness sessions and drives in gamified form at corporate houses.










Identify Oral Care aims at creating an eco system to promote oral health among individuals & families. As per World Health Organization (WHO) reports, nearly 95% of adults in India suffer from oral disease and close to 70% of school going children have dental caries or some other oral problems. Identify Oral Care also runs Muskaan Community with an intent to create awareness about importance of maintaining good oral health. The community runs various health awareness programs in educational institutions, government organizations, corporates and social gatherings. Understanding the need of awareness and quality dental care, the company has empaneled the dental clinics after performing intense quality checks. Through this panel of clinics, the patients are offered quality treatment at subsidized rates.


  • Network of quality clinics
  • Cover to complete family
  • Expert consultation at Rs. 1
  • Intra Oral X-Ray at Rs. 1
  • Scaling & Polishing at Rs. 1
  • Different treatments at subsidized rates (15–50% less)
  • Transparency in pricing for treatments
  • Electronic dental history record system
  • Priority appointments through Identify Oral Care web portal
  • Centralized membership across clinics
  • Income Tax rebate under section 80D sub section 2A